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Team Effort Artisans was
created with the goal of
bringing together talented
fiber artisans to produce
award-winning products
and services!
We are a farm-based
business.  Our fiber comes
from our own llamas,
sheep, pygora goats
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Kelly Dubois Brandt

Heidi Bukoski

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Dee Greaves
Quality Fibers plus Quality Craftsmanship equals Award Winning Products!
Lake Odessa, MI
We offer a variety of products to help you grow  great
vegetable and flower gardens!
Organic fertilizer - available in small & large quantities*

Organic compost - available in small & large quantities*

Wool and Llama fiber to use as mulch for weed control
                   Contact us for details and to order

*Discounts available for large quanitities
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MARCH 2016
Kelly and Heidi will be teaching several classes at the  Michigan Fiber Festival
Continuing Education Program

Kelly's Classes:

Friday, Mar 18, 2016  Having a Ball with a Purse            Morning Class
Use wet felting techniques to create colorful cording to turn into decorative knots for clothing or jewelry. You will learn to
tie at least 6 decorative knots and you will see several applications for using these knots in your felting, garment construction, fiber
jewelry, or creating passementerie.

Friday, Mar 18, 2016 PM  Knot what you Think with Wet Felting         Afternoon Class
Build a cute handled purse shape based on a three dimensional form. Using a 9” playground ball as the three
dimensional resist, you will create a fundamental purse shape. This gives you experience in using a formed resist to create a
hollow form. Learn about using hidden resists to make small enclosures to incorporate jewels, mirrors, or photos into your design.
Saturday, Mar 19, 2016  Locker Hooking for Beginners      All day  class
Locker hooking is a hooked rug technique using roving hooked through a foundation fabric. With the loops locked on top of the
foundation by a yarn tail, the finished piece is very stable and looks great on both sides. Legend has it that this technique
originated in Australia and there is evidence of pieces hooked in this style in the British Isles in the 1920s. You will learn the basic
hooking stitch, how to make two kinds of turns, and how to select motifs for projects. This is an effective and decorative way
to use up all that roving you have in your stash!

Heidi's Classes

Thursday-Friday, Mar 17-18, 2016  Wired Felt Bead Pendant        All day class
On the first day, class participants will start by making a number of wonderful sparkly felt beads to use as
the focal in your pendant. We will then literally weave with wire to create a band to encircle the bead.  You will learn
to weave with wire, wire wrapping, how to make a bail and how to finish the ends of a piece,
and of course, how to make gorgeous felt beads.  
On day two we will learn the Viking Knit technique to make a necklace for your pendant.  
You will make the “chain,” pull it through a draw plate to the correct diameter and finish it by making the clasp.  

Saturday, Mar 19, 2016 Stitching and Dying the Shibori Way  
Shibori is the Japanese word for stitching and binding techniques used to create patterns in dyeing.    In this country we might
call it fancy tie-dyeing. Class participants will learn a variety of stitches and tying methods to produce different effects.
We will do this while creating attractive sampler pieces of high quality cotton sateen fabric that measure
approximately 18” square (a perfect size for framing or a pillow top). The last step will be a dip in a traditional indigo dye bath.

Classes and workshops will take place at the
Red Barn Education Center
5038 E M79 HWY
Nashville, Mi  49073
For more information click
to visit the Michigan Fiber Festival website
Make Tracks to Lake Odessa on April 30 to join us
for Shearing Day!
We welcome you for a day at the farm.
Starting at 10:00 am
All day until every sheep has a haircut!

You will be able to watch as the sheep and bigger lambs get haircuts (sheared) by a
professional sheep shearer.  You can then follow the wool from the sheep to the table
where the wool is sorted and weighed.  You will be able to learn all the steps it takes to
make your wool sweater!.

There are lambs to visit, llamas to pet, and other fun stuff.  Weather dependant, we will
have spinning and weaving demonstrations.
It is Spring in Michigan and this is all outside so dress accordingly!
Check out our Facebook page for more details!
We are on
April 2016
April 23
Llama & Alpaca Youth Show
MSU Pavilion So. Barn
9:30 am
What can be better than Kids & Llamas showing
Come out to watch kids from 8 to 19 show-off
their skills with their llamas performing in the
obstacle and pack classes
Check out the Emerald Glen Llamas in action!
Think Spring!